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About Us

Our History
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My People was federally incorporated as a non-profit charitable corporation in the fall of 2000 and was issued a CRA designation as a charitable organization in Canada and a 501 (c) 3 in the USA effective shortly thereafter.

My People was initiated in response to the need for a more effective paradigm of ministry within the North American Indigenous community. It had become obvious over the past several decades, that many who had set out in a good way, now struggled to grow and become healthy.

My People is, therefore, focused on developing the full capacity of Indigenous North Americans to effectively meet the challenges of contemporary life. For the staff of My People this includes a strong commitment to Indigenous leadership development in an intercultural setting.

The organization expanded quickly to its present staff of ten full and part-time staff (and spouses) with a growing number of associates in Canada and the USA. This mix of primarily Native, supported by non-Native staff focus their efforts on leadership development in the Spirit and Way of Jesus. Staff work from home offices across Canada and the USA.

In 2014, My People formally amalgamated with NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, and iEmergence, becoming Indigenous Pathways. While My People has retained its own identity, logo and ministry focus, the “ International" was dropped so as to reflect the transition to the larger international family represented in Indigenous Pathways.

The head office is located at Montague, PE while the US postal address is located in Vancouver, WA.
Our Vision
To train and equip this generation of enterprising and industrious Indigenous leaders in tangible ways - ways that will allow for systemic change for Indigenous peoples.
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Our Mission
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To train and equip this generation through communicating the teachings of Jesus to Native North Americans and other Indigenous people around the world in culturally relevant ways.

To encourage them to live a spiritual that is to be centred around a relationship w Jesus; and to facilitate appropriate participate within the wider community of indigenous a other people who follow Jesus.
Our Commitment
- Tell the story of our Creator’s grace in renewing the life of all of

- Equip people to serve the Creator effectively throughout all of creation.

- Serve the Native and wider Indigenous world through community transformation.
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